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        Vintage Toronto? ?
    Vintage Photos and Memorabilia

    The Vintage Canada Press

    Est. May 2013
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    From the Editor
    Welcome to the Netcities Archive of vintage photos from across Canada. We hope that these photo galleries are enjoyed by all for many years to come. As more cities join the network they will take part in bringing our history back to life for new generations. Please contact us if you would like to help make this network of historic city sites grow in all parts of Canada.

    Welcome to the Vintage Press!
    Local people with a interest in the vintage photos of their community may want to edit and manage local versions of our online newspaper, the Vintage Press. If you may be interested, contact The Netcities

    Vintage Transport Gallery
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    History belongs to everyone.
    Thanks to everyone for making these sites a showcase of Canada?s vintage past. Please help us to keep this an interesting place to visit for many years to come by submitting photos and memorabilia from your family albums.

    Welcome to Our Press !
    150 years of Canadian history has come and gone. Vintage Canada is bringing up as many cities as possible this year to help us relive our industrious past.

    The Vintage sites are sponsored by the Netcities Network. Each city and community will all have the opportunity to have their own Netcities webhub. These hubs are free for those cities who wish to promote the history and culture of this great country.

    The entire network is supported by local ads from the communities, and the communities themselves taking part. Many cities are getting started and it is hoped that they are part of Vintage Canada for decades to come.

    The Network is growing. There are now vintage sites started from Cape Breton to Edmonton.

    For local Press pages click Next Page.

    Vintage Canada has National Galleries!
    These will be expanded as more cities join the network.
    Constructing Canada
    Vintage Flight
    Canada on Fire!

    See more on our
    National Galleries Page

    Vintage Canada.
    Calling all historians, history buffs, and spinners of tall tales. The Vintage pages are an archive of photos already, but now stories of the communities past, of vintage times, will soon have a place to be added to our pages too. These will be appreciated by all communities.

    The Netcities Archives
    As more cities are added to the network communities will share our countries history through photos and stories, and these sites will continue to be a showcase of everyday Canadian life through the years.

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